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IntelliWell™ Equipment Monitoring Platform Delivers Industry-Leading Visibility

IntelliWell is the digital healthcare record for your well’s equipment. As the most transparent equipment monitoring platform in the industry, IntelliWell enables our customer partners to audit our performance by well, lease, field, asset or basin.

Together, we track component-level run life with the ability to evaluate the performance of downhole metallurgy, query specific wellbore history, and generate highly detailed reports at the click of a button. This robust visibility can reduce your lease operating expenses by helping you identify the most cost-effective equipment designs while utilizing the appropriate metallurgy for every application.

Interactive Reporting

See something interesting? Click on it to get a more detailed view. Reports are designed to interconnect with each other to give you quicker insight into your data. You, the customer partner, decide how your run life reports are prepared: frequency, detail, asset level, pictures, field notes and more.

Real-Time Order Tracking

Orders are entered right at the service bench. Track everything from the time the order is started, delivered, repaired and invoiced.

Well Directions

Ready for delivery? We utilize the latest digital mapping tools to avoid costly workover delays.

Custom Reporting

Need a fresh look at your data? We can build a custom report tailored specifically to your needs, utilizing in-house resources.

Informed Technicians

Technicians have access to the complete well and component history of every pump throughout the order process. Technicians are now able to provide more informed recommendations at the click of a button.

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