Global ESG Statement

Endurance Lift Solutions is committed to providing our customers in the oil and gas industry with the very best in design, manufacturing, sales and service of artificial lift equipment. Throughout our operations, we also recognize our ongoing responsibility to improve our environmental, social and governance performance. We accomplish this by pursuing industry-leading innovation and fostering a service-driven culture.

Our commitment to strong ESG performance means we are dedicated to enhancing the efficiency of our and our customers’ operations to reduce our collective environmental footprint. We continuously develop and seek out innovative technologies that increase equipment automation and apply predictive analytics to take people out of harm’s way and reduce operational waste.

Our goal is to provide significant value to our customers and stakeholders through our leading-edge products, while enabling better stewardship of resources around the world by upholding our core values of teamwork, technology and transparency.


  • At Endurance, we treat our customers as partners, collaborating on projects aligned with their interests to provide optimal artificial lift solutions.
  • Endurance attracts, equips and empowers our workforce by supporting employee health and safety through an HSE-first mentality, and creating opportunities for growth and development.


  • Endurance invests in industry-leading technology through sourcing and internal development to create products that operate longer and more efficiently.
    • Applications such as our Blaze® metal treatment extend run times and reduce the energy required to operate equipment.
    • Utilizing sensors enables us to better monitor manufacturing efficiency, limiting material waste and improving quality.


  • Endurance is committed to honesty, integrity and transparency in our partnerships with our customers.
    • We offer the most transparent equipment performance platform in the industry—IntelliWell™—with the goal of providing clear, measurable performance data.
  • Within the company, clear communication across product lines, regions and support functions enables us to operate efficiently, provide the highest level of service and continuously improve the organization.

At Endurance, we ensure that our core values are at the center of everything we do, helping to drive our actions in planning and determining the future of our business. These values become tangible to our stakeholders, as we take a proactive approach to driving sustainability and delivering societal impact.

All employee team members, suppliers and customers are encouraged and empowered to contribute to the continuous improvement of the company’s performance. A professional commitment is made to this policy by all Endurance employees.

John Schmitz

CEO, Endurance Lift Solutions                                      July 2020

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