Permanent Real-Time
Downhole GaugesDriving Lift Optimization & Improving Reservoir Engineering

Our customer partners gain significant CAPEX and LOE savings with patented GEO PSI downhole gauge solutions, installed and serviced in the U.S. exclusively by Endurance’s highly skilled technicians.

This exceptional monitoring technology drives artificial lift optimization and provides high-quality bottom-hole data for reservoir and production engineering. As a result, our customer partners are redefining well placement and wellbore design, leading to multimillion-dollar infield drilling development advantages.

Gas Lift Optimization with Endurance & GEO PSI
Downhole gauge for artificial lift optimization.
Product Summary
Provides a reliable means of collecting high-quality, real-time downhole pressure and temperature data.
Direct and simple hookup to pump controllers, loggers, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and variable speed drives (VSDs).
Eliminates the need for expensive proprietary surface equipment. Includes RTU Modbus and 4-20 mA communication outputs.
Patented integrated Easy Connect pressure testable cable-head design allows direct connection to downhole instrumentation cable using metal-to-metal sealing technology.
Gauge body constructed out of 316L stainless steel or Inconel 825 with Hastelloy diaphragm for corrosive applications.
Fully welded construction ensures maximum protection against gas and fluid invasion.
Multi-gauge – Up to 10 gauges, any combination of Piezoresistive or Quartz, can be connected to a single downhole tubing encapsulated cable (TEC).
Smart technology – In addition to recording and transmitting downhole pressure and temperature readings, our gauges communicate critical data, including device configuration, device health, downhole head voltage, current, calibration and downhole serial number identity.
Field programmable – Our gauges can be configured for single or multi gauge applications and work on long lengths of TEC, up to 50,000’.
Quality assurance – Each gauge and G6 gauge controller is IEC 61326 certified by LabTest Certification Inc. and manufactured according to ISO standards

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