ESP Sensors & Monitoring
Control Your Asset—in Real Time

With remote ESP monitoring and real-time control from Endurance Lift Solutions, your team can set its eyes on 24/7/365 optimization and control of production of your most valuable wellbores. We use the latest enterprise security tools to ensure your data is transmitted reliably, securely and with a high degree of latency.

Our sensors are specifically programmed to communicate with each and every VSD. We offer a variety of sensors that provide pressure, temperature and inclination readings.

ESP Downhole Sensors
Downhole sensor data includes:
Intake pressure
Discharge pressure
Intake temperature
Motor winding temperature
X/Y axis vibration
Leakage current
Tool line voltage
Tool serial number
Inclination reading (Gen2)
Capillary Services to Enhance Your Lift Solution

Our capillary services improve your well productivity and downhole equipment run life.

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