Conventional ESP Induction MotorsUncommonly Tough Motors for Unconventional Wells

Our conventional ESP motors are specifically designed for today’s U.S. production environment. Endurance will work with you to select the correct motor type for optimal performance.

A conventional ESP induction motor is a three-phase, two pole motor consisting of rotors and bearings assembled with a shaft. This assembly is housed in a stator section and protected with a housing. Endurance motors are designed to for 3500 RPM at 60 Hertz and available in standard and high temperature variants. Depending on wellbore application, a motor can be installed for a wide operating range, or narrowly tailored for a designated production target.

ESP induction motors
Our motor services include:
Dry out
High-pot testing
Motor free coast testing
Vibration testing
Visual inspection
Flush and vacuum fill
Test dielectric strength of motor oil
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