ESP Seals/Protectors
At Endurance, Ultra-High Strength Comes Standard

Critical to preserving the electrical integrity of the overall system, our ESP protectors are assembled with ultra-high strength bearings and tested before deployment in your well. We use the latest technology in-house to build dynamic oil expansion and contraction capabilities into our motors.

The seal, or protector, acts as the means of transferring motor torque to the ESP system. It also functions to balance the pressure differential between the wellbore and motor, while enabling motor oil to expand and contract with temperature changes without getting contaminated by produced fluids and solids.

Protectors also provide critical protection to the motor section by absorbing the thrust of the ESP system during operation.

Seal configurations can be challenging to understand. Let our engineers work with your team to understand the importance of shaft type, labyrinth chambers, elastomer bags and thrust bearings.

Our seals include:
Load testing
Visual inspection
Teardown and failure analysis
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