ESP Pumps
The Future of Submersible Pumps Is Here

Driven by the needs of your application, radial and mixed flow stages are assembled into floater-type ESP pumps in a proven design for challenging conventional and unconventional wellbores. Our solids-handling pumps are enhanced with the industry’s highest-quality bearings and raw material components. Our in-house R&D team is focused on redefining durability expectations for top-of-the-line pumps.

We hand-build our ESP submersible pumps at our Midland, Texas headquarters using highly engineered components designed for challenging unconventional wells. Our team will work with you to assess and select pump diameter, shaft metallurgy, impeller-diffuser flow rate, and specialized coatings to inhibit corrosion.

ESP Submersible pumps
Our submersible pump services include:
Full tear-down and failure analysis
Flow rate and pressure testing
Proprietary vibration and temperature testing
Endurance Lift employees working with ESP submersible pumps.

Future deployments of submersible pumps utilizing Blaze® technology will enable operators to achieve longer run life, reduced horsepower requirements, and greater resistance to solids in the production stream.

Capillary Services to Enhance Your Lift Solution

Our capillary services improve your well productivity and downhole equipment run life.

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Extend Run Life Exponentially with Blaze

Many components are available with our exclusive BLAZE® metal treatment for superior durability.

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Blaze Treated artificial lift equipment
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Start maximizing your production with Endurance artificial lift solutions.

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