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In today’s multi-phase production flow regime, deploying a gas separator is critical to enhancing the life of your ESP artificial lift system and improving reservoir drawdown. Endurance provides leading-edge solutions for separation that outperform conventional tools. In addition to rotary and vortex type separators, we offer our unique mixed-flow handling device for severe slugging and high gas content oil wells. Blaze® application for gas separator components is currently underway, with intensive lab and field studies planned in the near future.

Endurance is a distribution partner for WellWorx products. In addition, we are currently collaborating with WellWorx to introduce new technologies that will enable more efficient oil production. We recognize that in these challenging times, oil operators must be incredibly diligent. The innovations we are pursuing with WellWorx will bring positive change to the worldwide petroleum industry.

Capillary Services to Enhance Your Lift Solution

Our capillary services improve your well productivity and downhole equipment run life.

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Extend Run Life Exponentially with Blaze

Many components are available with our exclusive BLAZE® metal treatment for superior durability.

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Blaze Treated artificial lift equipment
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Start maximizing your production with Endurance artificial lift solutions.

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