Bottom Hole Assemblies

As you design your bottom hole completion for run life and performance, Endurance is at your side with a wide range of metallurgies—including alloy, stainless steel and titanium—to provide the correct application fit.

Choose from the industry’s most complete lineup of standing valves, bottom hole springs and tubing latches, and enhance your components with Blaze® treatment technology to improve resistance to corrosives and abrasive solids. All equipment is manufactured at our facility in Texas.

Standing Valves

The Endurance Pressure Relief Standing Valve is an innovative, multi-purpose tool. Traditionally, in order to prevent wells from overloading with fluid, the valve seat could be “notched” at the expense of greatly reduced efficiency. Our pressure relief spring is guaranteed to retain a positive seal until the correct pressure differential across the valve is met. When the fluid weight outweighs the spring, the standing valve will then relieve fluid and bypass like a regular spring. Durability is engineered with a combination of L80, titanium, Inconel and stainless materials. This tool is ideal for wells that have a high set bumper spring or experience extended shut-in times.

Bumper Springs

Endurance sub-surface or “downhole” springs are used to absorb the impact of a falling plunger, preventing damage to the seating device. The sub-surface springs are manufactured in modular form to allow for changes of the bottom assemblies at the end of the tubing. The modular spring assembly is retrievable and supported by a sliding sleeve in the spring to protect it from damage during removal.

Collar Stops

Collar stops are available in all standard tubing sizes and manufactured from a variety of standard and high performance materials. Our experts can help you select the right collar stop for your application and well conditions.

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