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BLAZE® AR Bearings – delivering improved ESP reliability and extended run times

By Adam Buehler

An ESP is only as reliable as its weakest component, and in many cases that “weakest component” is the AR Bearing. Conventional AR Bearings are made of Tungsten Carbide, which is highly abrasion resistant. However, these bearings are also prone to fracture when subjected to extreme temperature variations, vibrations, or impact during installation. Fractured bearings will cause premature failures and potentially damage other pump components.

To address these challenges, Endurance Lift has developed a revolutionary new AR Bearing, utilizing BLAZE® technology, for use in its ESPs. BLAZE AR Bearings are proven to withstand the effects of temperature fluctuations, whether brought about by reduced liquid flow caused by gas interference, or by solids intrusion that can cause broken shafts and bearing failures. In addition, BLAZE AR bearings have demonstrated a number of other characteristics, which significantly improve reliability – superior abrasion and corrosion resistance, reduced heat generation during operation, and elimination of fracture failures. 

Below is a report comparing the performance of an Endurance Lift ESP, utilizing BLAZE AR Bearings, with ESPs using conventional Tungsten Carbide AR bearings.

Endurance Lift ESPs, equipped with BLAZE AR Bearings, have been documented to increase system life by as much as 5x. See Endurance Lift FIELD REPORT 406 for more information.

What is BLAZE® and How Does It Increase AR Bearing Life?
BLAZE® is a leading-edge Thermal Boron Diffusion technology that uses a proprietary chemical formula to produce a slick, abrasion- and corrosion-resistant surface. BLAZE creates a durable, highly uniform surface, while maintaining original part dimensions. The BLAZE surface will not flake or chip under impact and poses no risk of delamination (“bonding breakdown”).

BLAZE-treated AR Bearings’ combined characteristics of abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, and high-temperature tolerance represent a major improvement over brittle, fracture-prone Tungsten Carbide bearings, improving reliability and extending run times.

Want More Information?

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