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BLAZE®-Treated Couplings Highlighted In American Oil and Gas Reporter Article

By Adam Buehler

This article, coauthored by Bo Brooks of Chesapeake Energy and Anthony Mason of Endurance Lift, explores the application of BLAZE couplings in sucker rod pump (SRP) wells as a solution to the challenges posed by modern-day drilling and completions practices. These practices often result in sandy, corrosive, and highly deviated wellbores, leading to increased wear, frequent interventions, and downtime in rod lift systems.

The article presents an evaluation conducted by Chesapeake Energy Corporation and Endurance Lift Solutions on twenty SRP wells in South Texas. The objective was to assess the benefits of using low-friction BLAZE couplings in the sucker rod string, focusing on wells with more than fifty BLAZE couplings installed.

The evaluation of these wells revealed 3 significant benefits resulting from the use of BLAZE couplings in a majority of the evaluated wells:

  1. Increased lifting efficiency
  2. Improved production volume
  3. Decreased peak polished rod loads

The article further discusses the importance of lifting efficiency in rod lift systems and the potential of BLAZE treatment technology in enhancing the performance and longevity of various artificial lift equipment.

Today, Chesapeake has deployed several thousand additional BLAZE Couplings in 170+ wells. Chesapeake’s primary objective for using BLAZE couplings was to reduce mechanical wear and abrasion issues in Sucker Rod Pump systems. However, other positive outcomes, such as increased lifting efficiency and improved production, have proven to be important ancillary benefits. Thus far, there have been zero coupling or tubing failures associated with the BLAZE Couplings.

To read the article click here… Novel Couplings-That Mitigate Friction-Boost Rod Lift Efficiency or Download a PDF of the Article Here.

Note: The wells mentioned in this article are now operated by INEOS Energy Corporation, which acquired the wells from Chesapeake in 2023.

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