Announcement and Award from E&P Magazine

Endurance Lift Solutions is pleased to announce that Anthony Mason, SVP of Manufacturing and Specialty Products, has been named as one of E&P Magazine’s 2020 Energy Innovators!

Anthony, along with the technology and engineering team of Ryan Gernentz and Rodrigo Ruiz, has been selected as a result of the work related to Endurance Lift Solutions’ Blaze™ technology and its commercialization into the market for plunger lift, rod lift, surface valves and other artificial lift applications.

Endurance Lift Solutions is proud of this team’s exceptional work and remains excited about the value that Blaze™ technology is unlocking for many of our oil and gas Customer Partners. The results are simply fantastic—another Leading Edge Lift Technology for the Life of the Well.

Congratulations to Anthony, as well as Ryan and Rodrigo, for this recognition of your leading edge research and drive to bring this technology to commercialization!

Extend Run Life Exponentially with Blaze

Many components are available with our exclusive BLAZE® metal treatment for superior durability.

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Blaze Treated artificial lift equipment
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