CNBC Series to Highlight Blaze Technology on Sunday

Be sure to check out Sunday’s episode of “Advancements with Ted Danson,” highlighting our exclusive Blaze® technology. The award-winning TV series, which airs on CNBC, covers recent breakthroughs across a number of industries.

“Audiences will discover how Endurance Lift Solutions’ 100% recyclable and environmentally safe Blaze technology is addressing critical production challenges, allowing field operators to run equipment longer,” according to the Advancements website.

Endurance is incredibly excited at the opportunity to showcase our Blaze thermal boron diffusion treatment for a national audience. Available with many of our components, this innovative technology is proven to extend equipment run life up to 800%, depending on the specific part being treated.

What: Advancements with Ted Danson
When: Sunday, September 13 at 2:30 pm ET
How to Watch: Check local listings

For full episode details, visit the Advancements website.

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