ELS Commissions Industry First Bakken Fiberglass Inspection Facility

By Adam Buehler

Endurance Lift Solutions has commissioned an industry first fiberglass sucker rod inspection facility in Sidney, MT. Driven by communication and collaboration with local operators, the new ELS facility will protect customer investment and increase operational confidence by providing the means to store, inspect and redeploy their fiberglass sucker rods with trusted reliability.

In addition to standard cleaning, re-bundling and storage in a controlled atmosphere, the facility offers a tiered inspection process that ranges from visual inspection of rod bodies, end-fittings, and guides to complete inspection process of end-fitting NDT and pull testing up to 40,000 lbs. Via our in-house, web-based software IntelliWell™, tracking of customer-owned inventory at the facility will be accessible anytime along with reporting tools that are customizable to our customer partner preferences.

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