Synergy Energy Holdings Partners with B4c Technologies to Bring its Technology to the Oil & Gas Industry

GAINESVILLE, TX –Synergy Energy Holdings (“Synergy”) announced today that it has entered into an agreement with B4C Technologies (“B4C”), a diffusion chemistry developer, to test and develop B4C’s proprietary boron diffusion process with potential oilfield applications.

B4C’s Generation 2 Thermal Boron Diffusion Process was created to help extend the life of metal parts in harsh and corrosive environments. Synergy, which through its operating subsidiaries offers a variety of downhole pumps, parts, and supplies, recognized the value of enhancing the reliability and run‐life of metal parts downhole. Both companies are excited about the applicability of the Thermal Boron Diffusion Process to a host of metal products used in the oil and gas industry.

Synergy is the parent company to multiple operating entities, including: Bell Supply Company, which sells pipes, valves, and fittings to operators through its network of retail supply stores throughout the U.S.; BSC Rod Lift Solutions, which provides downhole pump installation and repair services through its network of pump shops throughout the U.S.; Catalyst Artificial Lift, which manufactures and distributes artificial lift parts; and Multi Products Company, which manufactures and distributes plunger lift systems and associated equipment.

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