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Up to 5x improvement in rod lift run life.

By Adam Buehler

BLAZE® treated parts are helping operators achieve dramatic run-life improvements in rod lift. BLAZE allows operators to minimize tubing wear, reduce friction, combat corrosion and mitigate abrasion in high sand environments.

The bottom line? Extended time between replacement, reduced production losses from downtime, and lower equipment and repair costs.

Nearly 3x more run life for pump components and couplings.
In Fresno County, California, a highly deviated well with high sand concentrations was seeing runtime of only 4-5 months due to rod plunger and barrel wear, sucker rod parting, or holes in tubing (HIT). To address rod pump wear, the operator utilized a BLAZE treated pup joint, BLAZE treated barrel bushing, and 20 BLAZE treated suck rod couplings. The BLAZE components have achieved 15 months of run-time, showing minimal wear after 448 days.
Read the field report.

2.5x more run life for rod pump plunger.
The same operator, a large independent, was experiencing a mean time between failure (MTBF) rate of approximately 90 days due to rod pump failure. The well exhibited high levels of corrosion and high sand concentrations. To address abrasion and corrosion issues, the customer utilized a BLAZE treated Game Changer™ plunger, which achieved a 244-day run life before failure.
Read the field report.

5x run life improvement for sucker rod couplings
An independent operator in the Permian was looking to extend sucker rod coupling run life in a deviated well with high side load. (Historically, the couplings were failing after just 27 days.) BLAZE treated sucker rod couplings were used to reduce coupling-on-tubing friction throughout the wellbore. No other equipment alterations were made. The BLAZE couplings have been running for approximately 6 months, a 5x run-life improvement.
Read the field report

BLAZE® is a Thermal Boron Diffusion Process that uses a proprietary chemical formula to produce a slick, hard, intermetallic Boride layer within metal surfaces. BLAZE treated parts offer lower coefficient of friction and resist mechanical wear, corrosion, and abrasion. BLAZE is available on pumps, plungers, trim kits, valves, guides, couplings, and other components.

Unlike conventional treatments used on artificial lift components, BLAZE is not a coating or plating. It outperforms chrome, nickel carbides, and other alternatives. BLAZE creates an intermetallic layer that cannot peel or crack, and does not alter the dimensions of the part.

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