ESP Permanent Magnet Motors
Patented Safety Features & Proprietary Control Algorithms

The PMESP® system from Magnetic Pumping Solutions (MPS) is an integrated design which maximizes the benefit of using a permanent magnet motor (PMM) by combining an up-to-date electrical and mechanical motor design with a revolutionary motor control logic along with well monitoring gauge. MPS’ PMM is designed for maximum reliability and efficiency.

PMESP integrates MPS’ permanent magnet (PM) downhole motor and PMVSD® variable speed drive with conventional ESP components, providing a step-change in reliability, efficiency and flexibility. The motor uses three-phase AC power to generate a rotating magnetic field in the stator of the motor—much like a conventional ESP induction motor. However, unlike an induction motor, MPS’ PM motor does not need to electrically magnetize rotors, as PM rotors incorporate permanent magnets that continually generate the required magnetic flux.

MPS’ PM motor is a synchronous machine, which does not experience slip between the rotating magnetic fields of the stator and the rotor. The PMVSD uses proprietary closed-loop permanent magnet motor control algorithms to provide precision control of the MPS PM motor, ensuring the performance of the motor is optimized at all times, at all speeds and under any downhole conditions. Conventional open-loop control results in lower VSD and motor efficiency and problematic motor control under rapidly changing downhole conditions.

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