Gas Lift Packers & AccessoriesOur Expertise Ensures the Right Application Fit

Endurance provides packers and accessories in common diameters, assembly styles and metallurgies required for U.S. land operating environments. Our highly skilled technicians can help your field teams set and retrieve packers, as well as support reuse and repair of your company-owned packer assets.

ASIII Packer

The AS-III Packer is a single-grip packer with no upper hold- down for use where no differential pressure from below is present. A J-slot and a drag block mechanism are incorporated for easy setting. This packer also features a large by-pass area to prevent swabbing when running or retrieving.

  • Large internal bypass
  • 1/4 turn set / straight pick-up release
ASI-X Packer

The ASI-X Single String Double-Grip Packer is the most versatile of the mechanically set retrievable packers and may be used in any pro- duction application. This packer can be left in tension or compression depending on well conditions and the required application.

A large internal bypass reduces swabbing when running & retrieving. The bypass closes when the packer is set and opens prior to releasing the upper slips to allow pressure equalization. The J-slot allows easy setting & releasing; 1/4 turn right-hand set, 1/4 turn right-hand release.

On/Off Tools & Stingers

The T2 On/Off Tool is designed for full disconnection and reconnection with the tubing string. The T2 design creates a solid seal with only one part needing to be coated or made of special material in corrosive environments. When run in tandem with a Stinger above a locking or permanent packer, the tubing can be retrieved from the wellbore without pulling the packer. This will allow you to make tubing repairs or redesigns and immediately reinstall the tubing string in the wellbore and return to production quickly.

Profile & Seating Nipples

The Profile Nipple is designed to allow common slickline plugs and equipment to placed confidently and successfully downhole. API and premium threads can be cut on the nipples to reduce crossovers. Other metallurgies (e.g., Stainless Steel) are available.

Tubing Accessories
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