Pacemaker® Plunger Lift System
Patented Design for Increased Production

The Endurance Pacemaker® plunger lift system utilizes the original patented two-piece plunger design. The large bypass area of the plunger, coupled with high-strength materials and other proprietary system components, allows our customer partners to increase production and recoverable reserves.

The Pacemaker is now available in BLAZE®-treated variants and different lengths. Cut your equipment spend, extend run life and improve the cash flow of your assets by choosing BLAZE.

Advantages of Pacemaker® Plunger
  • Removes more wellbore fluid by completing more trips per day
  • Virtually eliminates the need for any shut-in time
  • Works well with on-site compression
  • Provides a deliquification solution for slim-hole and packer completions
  • Operates with minimal bottom-hole pressure
  • Eliminates line pressure spikes
  • Maintains a low flowing bottom-hole pressure
  • Broadens the application of plunger lift technology to also benefit wells that are above critical rate
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