Specialty Pumps
Customized Solutions for Your Specific Well Conditions

Your unique well conditions may demand a more innovative or cost-efficient solution than standard API sucker rod pumps can deliver. For those applications, Endurance customizes pump solutions leveraging a range of specialized knowledge and equipment.

We offer a selection of insert, tubing and oversize pumps tailored to your specific requirements. Additionally, Endurance is the exclusive U.S. provider of the Raise Production HARP™ (High Angle Reciprocating Pump).

Hollow Tube Two-Stage Pumps

Redesigned High Flow two-stage HVR pump designed for tubing dimensions with thin wall barrel for use in shallow-depth wells


Redesigned High Flow two-stage HVR pump designed for tubing dimensions with heavy wall box thread barrel for use in deeper wells


Redesigned High Flow two-stage HVR pump designed for tubing dimensions with heavy wall pin thread barrel and extension and stroke through configurations for use in deeper wells

Large Flow Capacity Pumps

Designed for large flow capacities


Designed for large flow capacities; prevents gas lock

Specialty Pumps
Modified HVR & BDV Pump

Designed to decrease compression and increase net plunger stroke by sizing two-stage HVR components to allow more fluid passage during pump down-stroke and opening the pump exits for more fluid flow out of pump on down-stroke utilizing our high flow bottom discharge valves

Endurance Solids Handling Pump

Designed to reduce the sticking problems of conventional rod or tubing pumps in high-solids wells by utilizing a longer plunger and a shorter, specially designed sealer barrel

Ported Stroke Through Pump

Designed to eliminate gas pound and gas lock conditions; the vented lower centralizing plunger equalizes pump loading chamber pressure during the transition between the up-stroke and down-stroke to allow fluid to fall from above the plunger down through the lower vented plunger and into the barrel below, helping to equalize pressure and allowing the pump to maintain efficient production

HARP (High Angle Reciprocating Pump)

Designed for placement at a high angle of deviation with the ability to handle moderate amounts of gas

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