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FIBEROD® Series 300 Fiberglass Sucker Rods

By Adam Buehler

Increased production, lower operating costs, corrosion resistance, and the highest working loads…that sums up the enhanced performance of Endurance Lift’s FIBEROD® Series 300 Fiberglass Sucker Rods (FSR). These advanced sucker rods are designed to perform at high loads, in even the most demanding environments, and are proven to deliver up to 25% higher working loads compared to other fiberglass rods.

The FIBEROD® Series 300 FSR rod body is composed of more than one million glass fibers bound together by a hardened resin, all designed for optimal strength. A key feature of the FSR is its end fitting, which utilizes proprietary internal 12-groove wedge geometry, formed from high-strength epoxy, for increased load handling capacity and compression resistance.

Advanced Rod Performance

FIBEROD® sucker rods offer a number of important benefits when compared to other fiberglass rods and conventional steel rods, including:

Increased oil production – proprietary custom string design to achieve targeted production requirements even in difficult scenarios

Extended run life in challenging deviated wells – reducing lease operating expenses due to a lighter rod string utilizing smaller pumps with longer strokes

Broad range of sizes –from pony rods to 37.5′ rod lengths and diameters of 1″ or 1-1/4″

Operating temperatures up to 185°F – high-temperature rods are available for conditions up to 285°F

Lower operating costs – up to 25 percent lower lifting cost, resulting in as much as $4,000 in annual energy savings, based on the significantly lighter weight of the FSR rod string compared to steel

Corrosion resistance – the inherent corrosion-resistance of fiberglass construction ensures reliable performance in high-corrosion wells.

FIBEROD + BLAZE® Couplings for Increased Production Pairing FIBEROD® Series 300 FSR technology with BLAZE® rod couplings dramatically reduces string friction and compression, allowing for longer downhole stroke and reducing polished rod load. Based on these positive changes in downhole stroke and rod loading, production output can be increased – by as much as 30 percent – due to the higher inherent elasticity of the FIBEROD® rod string construction.

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