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What Differentiates Endurance Lift Solutions?

By Dan Runzheimer
President, Endurance Lift Solutions

Recently, I was asked this question by one of our customer partners. The answer centers on our core values of Team, Transparency and Technology—which we bring together to deliver the finest solutions in the field.

In order to deliver the best solution, we must identify, train and retain the best TEAM in the sector—it’s the single hardest thing we do. You will find unrivaled human capital at Endurance, with hundreds of years of optimization, application, downhole design, metallurgy, NACE and engineering experience in two dozen US onshore oil and gas formations. All of these experienced personnel are available to any customer, in any basin. The most important thing we do is safety, and it shows in our employee team culture as well as our TRIR metrics.

Endurance offers the industry’s most TRANSPARENT production equipment management platform: IntelliWell™. You, the Customer Partner, decide how your run life reports are prepared: frequency, detail, asset level, pictures, field notes and more. In an intuitive “click through” platform that enables artificial lift metallurgy and component-level run life information, the Customer Partner can audit Endurance’s performance by well, lease, field, asset or basin. We cannot tell you we are the oldest, or the original, but we can promise you we will never stop hunting for, researching, and pursuing TECHNOLOGY which drives additional value for you, the Customer Partner. Even when it cannibalizes something we already provide, we focus on what matters to you. What do we mean?

1. Unparalleled pursuit of leading-edge technology in the artificial lift space is the Endurance center of gravity: the exclusive provider of the High Angle Rod Pump and the High Angle separator. Through extensive in-house R&D, Endurance developed the world’s only “High Flow” fiberglass sucker rod end fitting, as well as the market’s leading standard fiberglass sucker rod for working load and one-time pull ratings.

2. Extensive out-of-industry efforts to identify and implement new technology which drives Customer Partner value through application to conventional solutions. Endurance is the exclusive oilfield partner on BLAZE® thermal boron diffusion metal-treating technology, enabling unparalleled and documented run life enhancement of up to 800% in lift solutions such as plunger lift, sucker rod couplings and downhole pump components…and we are just getting started after years of exhaustive research and field trials.

You can leverage the simplicity of making one call for a complete solution, saving time, paperwork, transportation costs and risk of rig delays when dealing with multiple vendors. Customer Partners also benefit through reduced HSE risk by needing fewer service vehicles and personnel on location.

Endurance Lift Solutions’ singular priority is to help our Customer Partners achieve their goals to RUN LONGER and PRODUCE MORE.

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