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BLAZE®-Treated Parts
Proven to extend the run life of artificial equipment

By Adam Buehler

Now proven in thousands of wells, BLAZE® metal-surface treatment technology is setting new standards for endurance and overall performance. Across all oil and gas producing regions, BLAZE is dramatically increasing the run life of pumps, plungers, valves, guides, couplings, trim kits, and other artificial lift components.

BLAZE metal treatment technology enhances the run life of artificial lift parts, leading to less downtime, lower maintenance and repair costs, and reduced equipment failure. The result? More efficient artificial lift operations.

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What is BLAZE®-Treatment and How Does It Impact Parts Life?

BLAZE® is a Thermal Boron Diffusion Process that uses a proprietary chemical formula to produce a slick, hard, intermetallic Boride layer within metal surfaces. Unlike conventional treatments used on artificial lift components, BLAZE is not a coating or plating. BLAZE creates an intermetallic layer that cannot peel or crack and does not alter the dimensions of the part.

BLAZE-treated surfaces resist mechanical wear, corrosion, and abrasion – outperforming chrome, nickel carbides, and other alternatives. Because of the enhanced performance delivered by BLAZE, it is being used with a growing list of products, helping operators establish new benchmarks in artificial lift operations.

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