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How we built a better ESP solution

By Adam Buehler
Superier ESP performance

The search for next-level ESP performance leads to new levels of innovation. Endurance Lift Solutions has bolstered ESP performance, as proven in operations in the Permian/Bakken/Powder River Basin – reducing heat and extending ESP run-time for operators.

Here’s how we did it:


ESP System Designed for Extreme Conditions
Leveraged our proven technology portfolio to create focused designs to meet challenging downhole conditions, with a priority on heat reduction.


Motor (MPS PMM)
Highest torque, lowest operating temperature, and smallest footprint in the industry.

Variable Speed Drive
PMM-optimized VSD, with positive magnet control and continuous torque control, runs 50% cooler than induction motors.

BLAZE® AR Bearings
Using Blaze® Technology, we create superior abrasion resistance, unmatched corrosion resistance, reduced heat, and elimination of fracture failures.

USA-made, #4 heavy or #2 lead-galvanized and stainless-steel balanced cables for increased cable life.

Gas Separators
Well-Worx gas separation technology – prevents gas from entering the pump by bypassing pump intake and venting gas into the annulus above the pump assembly.


Pump intake pressure and temperature, motor winding temperature, discharge pressure, dual axis vibration, current leakage, and deviation (coming soon).

Well Monitor
Real-time, high-speed well data with color touchscreen user interface.

MPS Vector Control
Patent pending technology changes drive output to cancel negative sequences and eliminate cable transpositions.

Balanced Current
Maintains consistent motor efficiency, prevents unbalanced voltage, and prevents undue heating of rotor and stator.

Reduces severe start-ups and shutdowns, eliminates pullouts and stalls, leading to extend motor life.


Predictive Vector Analytics
Ultra-high-speed VSD data for condition monitoring and adaptive control, used for failure prevention, prediction, and analysis.

Robust visibility into customer inventory data tracking, along with the ability to track component-level run life, to identify the most cost-effective equipment designs for reduced LOEs. Learn more about this artificial lift monitoring platform.

Addressing the problem of heat in ESP performance.

Heat is one of the largest contributing factors to ESP motor failures, with much of the heat generated at start-up. By reducing severe start-ups and shutdowns – and eliminating pullouts and stalls – we help the entire ESP system run cooler, extending motor and component life.

In addition, the heat factor can also be impacted by drastic changes in bottom-hole pressures and gas interference. BLAZE AR bearings are proven to withstand the effects of these temperature fluctuations, whether brought about by reduced liquid flow caused by gas interference, or by solids intrusion that can cause broken shafts and bearing failures.

How better ESP performance changes the game.

The payoff during extensive runs across US land includes improved reliability, longer run-times, and reduced maintenance, leading to higher production, lower costs, and improved financial performance. Our top-to-bottom approach allows ESPs to run cooler, with less strain, delivering increased efficiency and extending the life of the ESP system and its components.

Raising the bar on ESP Performance.

Endurance Lift Solutions offers a full suite of application-specific equipment to meet your needs and optimize ESP performance. With continuous R&D, we strive to develop innovative tools that create more value for production companies.

Our ESP shop capabilities include testing of motors, pumps, protectors, sensors, and VSD systems, live streaming DIFA reporting, and diagnostic “tear-down” of pumps, gas separators, seals, and motors. We maintain an inventory of ESP systems and components, and capably manage customer-owned equipment utilizing IntelliWell.


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